About Us

PurifEYE Internet Filtering Solutions is dedicated to providing solutions to the challenges involved in internet use by children and adults alike.
PurifEYE focuses on affordable internet filtering ensuring peace of mind for parents and a safer internet experience for all.

What does PurifEYE block?

PurifEYE has many filtering options, click here for further details

PurifEYE products:

AppaTropas Parental AppLock (Android): an advanced, server based app-lock. Designed to prevent circumvention and includes server based reporting.  Click to download from Google Play

PurifEYE Filtered browser (Android): provides state-of-the-art filtering for your Android smartphone. Click to download from Google Play

PurifEYE Browser (iOS):  provides state-of-the-art filtering for your iPhone,iPad or iPod Touch. Click to download from Apple App Store

Windows Filtered Internet solution: PurifEYE your home or work Windows PC with our server filtering and circumvention prevention.