By using this website, it’s content and services, you accept and agree to be bound by the terms and provision of this agreement.

1.1 PurifEYE will not be held liable for any damages that arise from use of this website or it’s associated services.

1.2 Users are entitled to a 21 day trial period. The Trial period commences from the moment that the potential client, organisation, user or individual either: i) Succesfully places an order via our website or ii) Installs any PurifEYE software on any device whether through a PurifEYE cerified installation, personal installation or through any 3rd party or vendor. The trial period will commence and conclude regardless of whether the potential client, user, organisation or individual makes use of the software or not.

1.3) Users are entitled to request a full refund (if funds have been paid for services) of monthly or yearly payments provided that they send an email to, explicitly stating that they no longer wish to commence with the service. The email must be delivered to PurifEYE ( on or before the 21st day from the start of the trial period. Failure to request a refund via email within the time period stated in 1.2 above, will result in no refund granted. Refunds are expressly limited to monthly or yearly payments (payment plans) only and do not include installation fees whether full or partial.

2. Privacy

At PurifEYE, the privacy of our customers’ data is important to us. We do not sell, rent, or disclose this data to any third parties, other than those directly associated with our offered services. Information collected is used solely for providing our associated website services. Personal information such as credit cards, etc. is encrypted and secured using industry standards compliant with current regulations. It is still, however, the customers responsibility to ensure their computers and devices are appropriately secured when they are accessing or uploading sensitive information to PurifEYE.

3. Security
The user agrees and warrants that its log-in name and password shall:
3.1  be used for personal use only; and
3.2  not be disclosed to any third party.

4. Service

4.1 PurifEYE aims to prevent access to content that it deems to be inappropriate. PurifEYE will not be held liable for any undesired content access in any form. PurfiEYE will not be held liable for any damages or negative occurrences that may rise during the usage of its software or services.

Terms are subject to change at any time, without notification.

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