iOS Web Filtering

 Got an iPhone,iPad or iPod Touch? Get it PurifEYE'd!

What do I need to do?


Please note: this process will cause the music on the device to disappear and the space taken to possibly be wasted. We recommend deleting all music from the device prior to running this process and then syncing it back with iTunes afterwards.


 Turn off “Find my iPhone”

1.1. open Settings and pull down to reveal the search bar, type in “find”. Click on “Find my iPhone” and if it is on, click it. 1.2. Flip the switch to off.

1.3. Enter the iCloud password and click “Turn off” (you should turn it back on after the installation).

To make the installation smoother, turning off the passcode helps.

STEP 2: 

 Run the iOS Installer from a Windows PC.

2.1. Click here to download the iOS Installer. The browser will open and download the file. Click (or double click) it to run the installer and complete the installation.

2.2. Connect the iPhone or iPad to the computer. Double click the desktop shortcut called “iOS Menu”.
2.3. If you want to install the full system on the iOS device, choose “a” and click enter.
       Do not use option “b” (uninstall) unless you have received uninstall instructions.

2.4. On the phone, if it prompts you, click “Trust”. If a passcode is set, you will need to enter it. Without these steps, there will be problems later. However, this may not be required if the devices are already paired. You may have to press a key on the computer to get it to try to connect to the device again.

2.5. The iPhone/iPad will reboot to the Hello screen. Complete setup. No data should be lost. If the music disappears, simply re-sync it with iTunes to get it back.


Install the profile

3.1. On the device, open Safari (not any browser). Click here to download the profile.

3.2. Choose  “Normal”, “Trial” or “Strict”. Complete the profile installation.

3.3. Close Safari completely (double-click the home button and swipe Safari up to close it). The device can take some time to sync with the server and receive the proper settings. To check if it has synced, go to Settings > General > Profiles > Remote Management. If it says “restrictions” with a number, it has synced.

3.4. Once the device has received the settings from the server, open Safari. Try open – when the box pops up asking for proxy authentication, click “settings” and enter the PurifEYE username and password. Click OK.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will it damage my phone or steal my data? 

Absolutely not. Please see our Privacy Policy.

PurifEYE is a registered company and strives to provide a safe and appropriate web experience for all.

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

HELP!! I cant access a website that I need?

No Problem! contact us and provide details of the website, we will attend to it in lightning speed.

We want you to have a great surfing experience and not even notice that we are there.

Let us know if you are encountering any problems so that we can assist you right away. 

PurifEYE Filtering can be tailor made to your requirements, contact us for more information.

Problems with the installation or usage of the app? 

Please contact us, we are here to help you every step of the way.

Please also see our Trouble Shooter.